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Blissful Peace

The state of peace I'm in feels so surreal, almost like I don't deserve it, yet I know I do. I've worked so hard to get here. I just never imagined, "here", to feel like this; mesmerizing, euphoric, an explanation that cannot be described in words. I never knew letting go of people, removing myself from environments, breaking bad habits, would lead me to a place of extraordinary peace, a place of an anew life. The work I have put in to get here was filled with struggle, hurt, pain, fear, worry, past remembrance, self-doubt, confusion, depression, uncertainty, anxiety - yet through my work, I never wanted to give up. Weird, huh? For a person to go through so many mixed, uncomfortable emotions, yet not have the desire to give up, is something to definitely talk about, something to certainty share with the world.

You see, there is a beginning to my story, a starting point that initiated this all, however, the beginning is no longer my reality, it's something I no longer dwell on or allow to control my thoughts and emotions. My story is merely what I had to experience, what I had to endure, what I had to go through, to be able to speak my take of blissful peace and how absolute peace within is true and real. Blissful peace is real! It's just, you have to be willing to do and to go through, the very uncomfortable to get there. You have to be ready to transform and re-emerge, you have to be ready to let go, move on, recreate and rethink. You have to be ready to unlearn and learn, be still and grow, let go and embrace.

You have to be ready to allow yourself to go through the transition with faith of what's on the other side is who you were meant to be in all aspects of your makeup as it's this form of you that will allow you to enter into the realm of blissed peace. And this, is why, I never had the desire to give up, because I knew what was on the other side of the uncomfortableness was filled with great joy and happiness.

Are you ready to embark on your journey of, blissful peace?

Always with you in mind,

Che' Antoinette

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