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One Woman's Thoughts On Love

Love, what a beautiful experience. It's one of those feelings that can be explained in many different ways, in many different forms. Everyone's story behind love is different from each other's; however, can the understanding, the connection, all be the same? Here is one young woman's experience with love. She shares the beauty of her emotions, her thoughts and the decision she decides to make to allow herself to experience love and its' offers.

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Is This Love?

Sometimes, I think I'm not entitled to it, as if it just wasn't meant for me or people like me. My body naturally rejects it, so in large doses, it feels as if it can be deathly. I guess that's why I choose to be cautious, not to be wicked, but to survive. I try to avoid it at all times, but I think it has found me again...HE...has found me, again. He makes my smile double. He makes my heart skip beats. Is that normal? Is that what love feels like? Is that joy? Every happy moment I can think of, he's there, as if he has a thread tied to each of my joyous memories. When he holds me, I think of how I was meant to be in his arms. I force myself to think about being in the present with him. When he kisses me, his smell invades my mind. He takes over for me because without his support, I'll fall straight on my ass every time. I'm scared, though. The joy, the pure happiness, scares me. It makes me think of when he'll leave me. When will he take my heart and run with it? I fear it's inevitable. I think that's why I force myself to enjoy his presence for as long as I can. I mean, his joy is too overbearing not to. It's suffocating, almost; however, I'm in love with it. Almost as much as I'm in love with him."

Let's Talk About It

How did reading this young woman's words about love make you feel? Did you feel a connection? Can you relate? Love can be a tough feeling to describe. What do you believe this young woman is relaying in her words? Let's talk about it.

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